Malista System

Music System by ODM@2022

A new way to make Electronic Music since 2022. We build our musical machines to make electronic music in unconventional way. We present this project to BeatMakerz, Musicians, Composers

About this Project

Project was born thinking about a new way to make music. Like a musician has fun playing an instrument, we want to enjoi making music

We like tools, switches, knobs, everything is real and usable by hands and we rely on our senses doing this

What is Malista Method?

Malista Method the ODM way to create a Musical Score

A special approach to rhythm and melody generation using hardware assembled in an ergonomic way to connect Musicians directly to the Beat

Live an experience with the magic feeling you get touching the Beat and blow your mind with insane musical combinations you can create

ML23MIDI is the new entry module used to connect Minimalista to a computer using MIDI